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Only When Drinking.

A police officer approaches a car that he just pulled over. Inside the car he sees a husband and wife.

The officer said to the husband, "The reason why I pulled you over is because you were speeding."

The husband replied, "No officer, I wasn't speeding."

To which the wife immediately responded, "Yes you were. I tried to tell you but you wouldn't listen to me."

The husband glanced at his wife and said, "Be quiet."

"That's not all", said the wife. "He just ran a red light back there too."

The husband looks back to the wife and angrily demands, "Be quiet!"

"His drivers license expired ", added the wife. "I told him to renew it but he didn't."

The husband turns to his wife and yells, "Will you shut up!"

The police officer leans down to ask the wife, "Does he always talk to you that way?"

The wife answered, "No, only when he has been drinking."

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Pick a "Fun Category" from the list on the top left.
Pick a 'Fun Category' from the list on the top left.