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There were three applicants for the detective position. During the interview the police chief showed the first applicant a profile picture of a man and asked, "What is one facial feature you notice that makes him different than others?"

"He only has one eye", replied the first applicant.

"What", said the police chief. "This is a profile shot, it is a side view." He turned to the second applicant and asked the same question.

"Well", said the second applicant, "He only has one ear."

"I don't believe this!" yelled the police chief. "This is a picture of the side of his head." He turned to the third applicant and said, "Now, what is one identifying feature about this man and don't say that he has one eye or one ear or one of any other part of his head."

The third applicant studies the picture and replies, "He wears contact lenses."

"That's great," exclaimed the chief. "Wait, let me check his file." A few minutes later the chief returns and says, "You're right. How did you notice that?"

The third applicant responds, "With only one eye and one ear his glasses wont stay on."

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Pick a "Fun Category" from the list on the top left.
Pick a 'Fun Category' from the list on the top left.